chemat product 100-44-7 Benzyl chloride, 99%, stab.

Benzyl chloride, 99%, stab. cas: (100-44-7)

name: Benzyl chloride, 99%, stab.

catalog number: A12481.0E

cas: 100-44-7

brand: Alfa Aesar

size: 2500g

price: 357.70 [Pln] (discounts not included)

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Jako że masa opakowania jest większa od 100g, do Twojego zamówienia zostanie automatycznie dodany koszt dostawy substancji niebezpiecznej 90 PLN netto.|As the size is greater or equal to 100g, HazMat transportation fee of 90 PLN will be added to your order. For shipments to other EU countries HazMat fee will be estimated and confirmed by us via email.


Delivery time: 1-2 weeks (only if in stock, to check click on availability)

Purity: 99%