chemat product 7440-02-0 Nickel

Nickel cas: (7440-02-0)

name: Nickel

catalog number: FS60997-0,025kg

cas: 7440-02-0

brand: Biosynth

size: 0,025kg

price: 1566.29 [Pln] (discounts not included)

similar products: 7440-02-0

availablity: do potwierdzenia przez Chemat|To be confirmed by Chemat


Molecular Weight: 58.69 g/mol Synonyms: Raney Nickel slurry in Water,Raney Nickel Smiles: (Ni) Chemical Formula: Ni


category: Chemicals

purity: No data

delivery time: To be confirmed by Chemat

lq: 1kg, 3089, 4.1, II