Outsource synthesis from Chemat

Outsource synthesis from Chemat

Focus on your core research and outsource your chemical synthesis from Chemat.


Besides the expertise of over 32 years in supplying chemicals, we also offer custom synthesis services at a competitive price. We synthesize commercially unavailable compounds that are too expensive or impossible to import from a distant country due to their HazMat conditions or other restrictions.

We offer

  • Peptide Synthesis
  • Small molecules
  • Intermediates
  • Reference compounds
  • Contaminants
  • Compound libraries (Targeted and Focused libraries; Fragment libraries)

How do we work

We will evaluate your request in a couple of days and deliver a quote complemented by a synthetic scheme. Depending on the project, we offer a fixed price offer, or (more seldom) the quote is calculated based on the FTE rate. We provide precise biweekly reports with expected delivery dates. We treat each project under the confidentiality agreement.
Feel free to contact us either via e-mail ([email protected]), or give us a call at+48 600 602 663 Please send us your request, and we will assess the feasibility of the synthesis project and assess all potential risks & costs by employing our scientific know-how.

why Chemat

We can source substrates for our custom synthesis projects very economically and fast, thanks to our hybrid business model. Besides, we calculate the possibility of further resales of a particular project’s product and market demand. If there is a commercial sense and no IP issues, we can invest in the project, so our clients pay less for their needed molecule.

During over 30 years of our existence in the Polish and European chemistry market, we had a chance to meet and cooperate with some outstanding chemists who can mix their everyday scientific work with external commercial projects.

Thanks to our multilingual team, we are ready to help you in English, French, and Italian. We provide precise biweekly or weekly reports for each project with expected delivery dates. We treat each project under the confidentiality agreement.
All you have to do is send us your request, and we will examine it and come back with a solution for you.